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Anglink – Mini Bluetooth Headset Review
by editor     October 25, 2016    
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I chatted a good while at comfort and it was very novel to not hold my phone. Holding my phone is a large irritant to me so I use speaker phone a lot. I am surprised that I simply never got a Bluetooth device before just too busy I guess.

For 20 pounds it represents some great functionality in a small device and I will be keeping mine as it fits a bill perfectly. If this ‘bill’ is yours that’s going to be the thing – is it too small ? It certainly is comfortable and not weighty that you couldn’t wear it for a good 30 minutes and perhaps beyond. That is not a problem I feel. So it beats the bigger devices I think on this score. But are you in need of this for all day calling ? If yes then get a comfortable headset and that argument stands firm against all in ear ‘headsets’ then and if you are considering a gym thing perhaps or a walk in the park or lunch time stroll then this really does keep you connected while being free from your phone iWatch what ? exactly it’s a pretty punchy thing for its weight. Dick Tracey would approve.

One of the bigger issues may be one of you loosing it. You wont feel comfortable wearing it for more than 40 minutes I would say and that’s not where it is pitched for. You’re going to do a task for 30-40 minutes on the move this thing is handy no doubt about it and you might feel comfortable wearing this.

It’s a good product without a doubt. I don’t write about poor products.

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