My thoughts 
Thats quite an impressive all in fpv system - but remains to be seen how good the quality of the video and range are for those things. I have no reason to doubt they are inadequate and for many this represents an out of the box experience that will suit. I am glad that some people are coming at dji's market share to keep the costs down and to push the innovation.

Please note these notes have been compiled before flying.


Everything you need in one box - no soldering needed fpv and sutonomous flight which I am denied because I don't have an ipad with my phantom.

Training modes (desensitivity of input)

Good 1080p camera - independantly controlled from the ground and touch screen display

No extra tablet device required

Test flown and ready to go out of the box

An excellent introduction to this new 'sport'

It doesnt look too bad - aesthetics wise


1080p is only 60fps - but for aerial flight this is ok for most - maybe you will be able to upgrade later.

Not as easy to customise as say the phantom

The transmitter design - it's quite large and doesnt look very ergonomic - the fpv screen looks quite small with the sunshade there (maybe its ok ?)