Labouring so hard on my first house at times has been very rewarding and at other times such as the subject of this rant very disappointing. We didn't want to buy 'cheap' looking items to add such as curtains and blinds or lights. So we entertained very much the idea of getting a Next Look in our front room and master bedroom, despite the fact that the prices are quite expensive for example our curtains at standard size were 70 pounds. How could this have gone wrong we thought ?

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Their catalogue is very nice and inspirational to read through Winter is the one I'm referring to. So in there are many pages that you can get a 'look' from - though the colours of the walls are the only things not given these give you an idea and you can find the colours easily.

So you choose your curtains blinds and other accessories. The curtains and blinds are not the same tone as in the catalogue ! They are a claret when they should be much lighter. So what we are left with is a situation that we cannot get the look we want and have spent a lot on these items. Take a look at the attached photos and compare for yourself. Its true I'm a bit of a perfectionist but nothing extraordinary and as hard as I'm working on this house I expect that for 70 pounds my expectation is that the colours are the same. Some things you have to take as a given and for me I have to make the assumption the colours are going to match with the catalogue. Another issue that is made worse is the quality of the roman blind fixtures.

They are not assembled and are so low quality to install the metal plate into the u section I will need to dismantle it. And one of the chords is damaged ! Next don't make things easy to Return as they charge you for this, Next is catalogue shopping at a low.