Casa Son Vida 2, Mallorca, Spain

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Casa Son Vida 2, Mallorca, Spain

Adjacent to the original is Casa Son Vida 2. A pared down, simplified box structure, this 600 m2 home makes the most of its secluded and private setting on a large private plot. The least avant garde of the Platinum Estates villas, this modern home is nonetheless a departure from the typical Mediterranean homes that abound on the island. Traditional boundaries are blurred in this rectilinear house with spaces flowing seamlessly between indoor and out. A master suite perches above the infinity pool allowing endless views across the surrounding hill tops. Structurally a box, this residence is anything but square.

This house was originally posted as it was for sale. Some lucky owner now I guess. I wanted to not delete the images as they provide a contemporary set of ideas for your amazing spaces yet to come to life.

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