Wireless Headphones NWZ-W202 from SONY

Wireless Headphones NWZ-W202 from SONY Hot

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Wireless Headphones NWZ-W202 from SONY

When I first got the email through from sony I thought great ! Just what I was after a pair of headphones without wires. Closer inspection reveals that it incorporates an MP3 player which was not quite what I had in mind Oakley have been doing this for a good time now incorporating an MP3 player into sunglasses. But Stylish they are and would probably be nicer to wear than my currently wired up nano.

The instructions downloadable from the link given from the Sony Site suggest that a jog wheel is what is used to navigate and play tracks, I'm sure this is easy with practise if you were jogging along for example. They have their new ZAPPIN trade Mark idea of playing sequentially a main ppart of the songs in order and the idea is you then choose to play it or not. I'm not sure if I would really like this myself, especially for running when I want to get my rhythm going. I think my next purchase will still be a small ipod shuffle and clip that somewhere, it looks like I will still have to put up with wires for some time yet.

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