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6 Crucial Tips for Selling Clothes on Craigslist Effectively

6 Crucial Tips for Selling Clothes on Craigslist Effectively Hot

JolieJolie   January 11, 2013  
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There is plenty of competition for selling clothes online; the secret to making cash for clothes selling online lies in purchasing wholesale clothes for selling at low rates and also selling them online at competitive prices, so as to fare better than the other competitors in the markets. Craigslist is a great place where you can make good cash for clothes you sell online. Here are 6 tips to consider when you sell clothes on Craigslist for your convenience, safety, and to earn quick cash.   Headlines are important Shoppers who are searching for items on Craigslist normally enter the phrase they are looking for in the search box. 

The results of Craigslist display a list of posts with that word in an order with the latest post on top. Usually, posts with headlines including the specific word are displayed. So, it is crucial that you include the specific word in the headlines itself. It is also advisable to list the size in the headlines itself so that it would be easier for the shoppers to make a decision. This way, your product will rank better and there are chances of more people looking at it for striking the deal.     Price-tag does matter after all When you sell clothes on Craigslist, remember that the shoppers would be interested in good bargains. Most of them just browse and focus on posts that seem like a good deal or bargain. So, it is important to include the pricing in the provided space. It would be wise to offer a highly competitive price to appeal to potential buyers. Including a catchy offer like 80% off on an 8 months old garment, and quoting the original price, along with the selling price, can be a great idea too.   Description is Vital When selling clothes online, be aware that the readers cannot feel or check the clothes like the way they would do at a store. They also will not be able to check the sizes. So, it is vital to provide detailed description of the products to attract purchasers.   Photos Help You Sell Stuff If you’ve noticed properly on Craigslist, you’ll see a small word ‘pic’ in orange colored font at the ending of each posting. It is more likely that busy shoppers will just check out a post that has a pic than one that does not have. So, it is important that you include pictures of the clothes you are planning to sell in various angles so that the shoppers can get an idea of what it looks like.   Accept Only Cash When selling your clothes online, choose cash as the only acceptable mode of payment. This way, you will be safe from the risks of stop payments put on checks and you need not wait for clearance of both the banks.     Safeguard Your Privacy Safeguard your sanity as well as your privacy; avoid posting your personal contact number or email ID in the listing when selling on Craigslist. Make use of the option on the site that allows you to make your email ID anonymous. When selling items in bulk, you may have to meet the buyer personally to close the deal. In such cases, avoid arranging for a meeting with the buyer at your home; instead, choose a public place during the daytime; this can assure safety and privacy. By following the above safety and marketing tips, you will surely find that Craigslist is a wonderful concept to generate cash for clothes. Jolie fulton has been focusing on online selling businesses for quite some time now and she gives tips on how to generate sell clothesand ways to trade clothes online to reap the best profit.

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