The new Alfa Romeo Saloon (Giulia) for 2014

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Alfa Romeo Giulia From Autocar

It's not often that a car manufacturer has such a limited range in the main and currently if you are looking to buy a new saloon from Alfa Romeo you can't.
There are just two options and in my opinion the options are quite close together the Mito and Giulietta. Both hatches and the difference being the size mostly soem even share the same engine. But I wanted this topic to be about the nearly new 159 you can go and buy and its a good car as all reports have it and despite the backend not being 'bad' its its weak point. But the front they got completely right 100% for me. Its soft aggression for this saloon class which means for me that I cant drive a 3 series nor other German shape as this IS THE BEST LOOKING CAR in its class. The new Audi A6 has some dashing front light setup I give you and the 159 might start to look dated in a couple of years.

So step up the Giulia

News : A forum has been created here for the new car, alternatively you can commet here as this post gets a lot of traffic and you will be well read.

I found a cool link here today with more on the 2014 Giulia

Some various artists impressions here on the giulia from alfa

Will be in competition somewhat with :


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