Tesla Model S a benchmark for EVERYONE

Tesla Model S a benchmark for EVERYONE Hot

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tesla model s 2013
2013 Tesla Model S
Tesla-model-s-rear - Image courtesy of http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/9681425/Tesla-Model-S-the-car-of-the-future.html
The minimal mechanics !

This is not just a car - its the whole package from dealer support to battery technology and then there is the car itself.

It is an amazing bit of kit and in fact it sounds cheap considering what you get. It's a 7 seater if you accept the 2 kids rear facing under hatch roof in the rear. It will do 260 odd miles on a 'fill up' charge.

The Tesla Model S is a nearly perfect car, according to Consumer Reports Full Article Here, with the only issue being its need to recharge which could be a problem on long-distance trips. rated 99/100 Jake Fisher then goes on to discredit his ability to be unlike an exagerating teen by saying that if he could refill in a gas station in 3 minutes it would score 110. Well we get the idea it is good - very good.

Lets take a look at one example of why this is said by some to be the automotive revolution start. Auto drivers will be familiar with 'creep' where with no depressing on the accelerator the car will edge or creep forward. This is a flaw but desirable for many ! So the customer service and technology available to the unique Tesla model allowed them to do a firmware update through the air. Some clever change in the software (delivered automatically without the need to do a single thing) allows creep to be available to those that now want it.

This is a style website and I would go so far to say that it is indeed a good looking car 'sedan' as they say in the states a saloon for me but there's a but coming if I am dropping 50 - 80 thousand pounds on a car I am looking at competing with some much better looking cars like the Aston Martin Vantage. I feel they have gone a bit too neutral in places. Other car designers have a trend and style to follow that has come from an identity but Tesla is new so they could do anything. This carte blanchè (advantage?) blank canvas exacerbated by the 'skateboard' chassis the technology now allows. You see the battery sits flat up front under the 'cockpit between the front wheels and the 'engine' or motor sits between the rear - they call this set up 'like a skateboard' - you can see it in the image. Imagine now what designers can do - cars can look different. But they purposely held back to stay within modern 'taste' or expectations the best example being the dummy grill at the front !!! (what about an extra exclaimation mark) I think they held back a bit too much. But I would be very proud and happy to own one of these. I wonder if they can do a firmware update that sounds like a v8 ?

And again making things different they have even changed the way you would buy one so instead of going to a dealer you go to a Tesla store and play with specs and order direct.

here are some impressive numbers for you:


0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

It has one gear ! And think or imagine that there is no coasting from 60 down to the queue of traffic at a roundabout as the electric motor would do the breaking for you its a different concept think of a sewing machine pedal thats how I imagine this to be. Does this translate into a less relaxed driving feel - I can't answer that.

Charging up can happen in 5 hours from your home - or the rapid charging stations can give you motorway range of 3 hours driving from a 30 minute stop - of course you go do something while that happens. Just consider that both options could be from free solar power. Now we are going to see some political will for and against this !

Elon Musk is the guy behind PayPal and Tesla - he hails from South Africa and is cut from different stuff.

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