I Predict a Riot

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I Predict a Riot

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Just when you thought it had to stop...
...and they'd have to start capping the amount of power cars output   due to various green issues, I predict the big players of the fast car   World are about to weigh in with some fairly impressive numbers   in a whole new horsepower war. The results could be so wild   that levels previously associated with F1 and Group N machinery may become   the norm.

Witness the amount of power now available in the   base Ferrari; the 458 Italia packs a mighty 570bhp. That's a whopping 80bhp up   on the previous model which wasn't exactly asthmatic in the first place. It's a   similar story with the new McLaren MP4-12C which will have 592bhp while the   Noble M600 will launch with 650.

However it's what's about to happen at Lamborghini   which really emphasises the nature of the beast. The new car it   appears is about to sprout some extra large Cojones while undertaking   a strict diet. You'd almost think the Bull was on the pull! The main reason   for all this extra testosterone is the all new 6.5 litre V12 that Lambo are   fitting to their Murcielago replacement. Lambo suggests this engine offers   a "two-generation advance" over the previous effort and with 700bhp and a heady   rev-ceiling of 8,250rpm who would disagree? Add in a shorter stroke and   wider bore (hence the rev-happiness) and reduction in crankshaft throws and you   get a unit the sits 75mm lower in the car thus reducing the centre of gravity.   The car will also offer a novel transmission which has the ability to   engage the next gear before the previous one has disengaged (although I may have   misunderstood this last bit).

Finally the car will be lighter and shorter than before using the same ultra-light carbon-made composites seen in the   incredible Sesto Elemento concept car (manufactured in a laboratory shared with   Boeing). With power on the up and weight on the down the near future will see   manufacturers offering the type of power to weight only found in the big Bug as   an every-day commodity, well almost. Yeehah!

by Automotive Journalist Al Leeder

Photography courtesy of Lamborghini

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