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maqoo underwear
Mens Fashion MaqooMaqoo   May 10, 2016   3628   1   1   0   0   0

An underwear designed to keep you feeling cool and fresh. Linen is popular in the tropics because it is cool and fresh when you are all sticky! It allows air flow through and disipates heat. However, it was Maqoo who developed its use in underwear it had not been used with underwear untill now. A new linen fabric suitable was developed that is extremely good for feeling comfortable and of course they are sexy and stylish too.

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marco marco jockstrap
Mens Fashion anna   April 25, 2012   3605   1   3   0   0   0

Men who take pride in their appearance pay special attention to the type of undergarments they choose. The style, cut and fabric used to create mens briefs will affect the way other garments hang when worn. Choosing the right fit and level of comfort will also make a man feel good from the inside out. Men will find a large array of undergarments available in assorted styles, sizes and prices.

Underwear for sport or everyday wear

The different styles are designed to fit the types of activities a man is involved in. There are some undergarments created for sports, while others are designed for everyday wear. The shape and material will be chosen fitting the activity. Briefs allow a better range of motion as boxers have more material to restrict you.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2

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