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summer tripod
Product adminadmin   May 19, 2015   3761   3   9   0   0   0

A lot of us like making video and to make good photos or videos at some point we need to get our device stable. Enter the plethora of mounts and options for your action cam like gopro to sony but for the traditional shots the trusty tripod steps up. With full adjustability and ease of setup its a deign that has stood the test of time. But how to get your non camera / video camcorder device to attach ?
Enter the charger city Grip and the konig travel tripod.
This review will be extended over time as I use it and in the style of all my reviews to give a good account of what I think of it.

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Ivso case review for lg gpad 8.3
Product editoreditor   October 07, 2014   2409   4   0   0   0   0

I have had the lg gpad for a good while now and I have to say I like it a lot. I am from the apple mac camp with my phone and I am considering a move since I dont like ow apple allow their old phones to go to ground in terms of updates. The iphone 4 got real sluggish when going up to ios7. In fact that would be fine if apple allowed you to roll back but alas.

Still this is about android tablets and one of the best that reviews online - thats why I picked it. And now give my review.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2

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