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Product adminadmin   October 31, 2018   877   0   8   0   0   0

A multifunctional sunglass from queshark, imensley strong and light perfect for many sports and with excellent optical clarity.

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Sunglasses presentation
Product adminadmin   October 31, 2018   847   2   12   0   0   0

A specific and trendy style of camo can seen everywhere and so Queshark chose this style for their fishing series. I liked them so much I bought a pair and am sharing the review here.

4.5 (1)
Oakley chainlink grey smoke jade sunglasses
Mens Fashion adminadmin   May 19, 2015   2115   0   4   0   0   0

I am simply going to post images and lins that take you through to the suppliers websites. If you see some that should be on the list then add a link in the comments section please.
Fashion Eye Wear Summer Sale ending soon, this is for both normal glasses and sunglasses.

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Destination everywhere
Mens Fashion G Guest   May 12, 2010   3508   4   2   0   0   0

With the summer sun and dreams of holiday destinations fast approaching the clamour for a good pair of sunglasses is starting to reach its peak, everyone wants to look and feel good in the warm weather, so why do it with a squint on your face. This season is all about adding the right designer accessory to your outfit, be with a colourful rubber strapped watch or a baseball cap so why not add a pair or two of mens designer sunglasses to your outfit or designer wardrobe?

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General Fashion G Guest   March 07, 2010   22522   0   5   0   0   0

Aviators of course are still in this summer but the colour is key, these light brown dudes have a smaller lense too so they are not too dominant and let the colour do the talking.

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5 results - showing 1 - 5

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