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Anglink Voice Spy Recorder
Product editoreditor   March 21, 2017   3028   1   6   0   0   0

Digital voice recorders can be very useful but it isn't until you start to use them that you realise just how good they are. The functionality that means this can be used for spying is because 

  1. It is compact
  2. It starts when it detects voice
  3. It can work from inside a jacket pocket or bag

I will be putting this stuff to the test with Anglinks updated Digital Voice Recorder.

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not overly large
Product editoreditor   November 29, 2014   5165   4   4   0   0   1

We recommend this newer product now as a dashcam please click here (SUPEREYE CAR CAMERA) -

I am currently ‘road testing’ this birthday gift which I am hoping I will never need to use but in the event of an accident might be one of those very handy to have items. I also think for the learner driver that these in car recorders can offer valuable playback lessons for the student.


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Product jamesebsmithjamesebsmith   March 03, 2013   4816   0   0   0   0   0

A camera operator's look at the Sony CX730E Full HD Flash Memory camcorder.  What can the everyday consumer expect from this type of Full HD monster and how far does it cross into professional territory?

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3 results - showing 1 - 3

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