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Bulldog Original Beard Oil
Product editoreditor   June 09, 2017   4827   6   3   0   0   0

A blend of oils that is designed to offer a softening feel for your beard. It does smell really nice and comes in a package that suggests a more premium product. It gives a slight sheen and vibrance to my beard. Overall I liked it and this was bought as a gift.

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Oakley chainlink grey smoke jade sunglasses
Mens Fashion adminadmin   May 19, 2015   3081   0   4   0   0   0

I am simply going to post images and lins that take you through to the suppliers websites. If you see some that should be on the list then add a link in the comments section please.
Fashion Eye Wear Summer Sale ending soon, this is for both normal glasses and sunglasses.

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Hackett London: The Great Outdoors, AW17 Outerwear
Mens Fashion editoreditor   October 05, 2014   11059   2   3   0   0   0


Quite a brave departured from the darker 'normal' styles is this I picked for its originality from new brand Eleven Paris.

I hope that you can find the energy (after browsing the coats and jackets I have selected) to click on one of the sharing buttons - or consider to follow us on twitter for example if you don't post a link to your friends. 

But most of all if we influenced your buying decision then please let us know that would be amazing. Now show me some coats...


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ted baker mens bags
Mens Fashion JolieJolie   March 30, 2013   4897   1   1   0   0   0

You should look at finding a backpack that suits your taste but that is just to narrow the field. You can then find that the desirable are of dubious quality. If there is one thing you know it is that the humble backpack gets abused! Slung across the room of the classroom or into the back of the SUV on a weekend trip. The straps need to be examined. You can tell when a pack is secure and sturdy. Brands that have stood the test of time include Berghaus, North Face and Karimor

An Ideal Backpack for Cycling in the Rain

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Mens Fashion author.maryjamesauthor.maryjames   March 04, 2013   2987   0   1   0   0   0

There’s something to be said about those celebrities and actors, isn’t there? How come they always look good no matter where they are or what they are doing (whether it’s on the red carpet or on the way to the supermarket around the corner), whilst us mortals have to contend with bad hair days and pimply skin? But before you go bashing your head against the wall and moaning, ‘Why, why why?,” here’s some food for thought: these celebrities have personal stylists. Period.

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Mens Fashion author.maryjamesauthor.maryjames   January 30, 2013   3061   0   0   0   0   0

Men have worn long pants or trousers for hundreds of years, and over time, women have adapted to this garment too.

Jeans are long pants or trousers that are made from denim cloth. The term often refers to a specific style of trousers known as blue jeans, conceived by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. These blue trousers were originally tailored for cowboys and during the 1950s were extremely popular among the teens, especially those who belong to the greaser subculture.


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Stylish Caps and Hats for Men
Mens Fashion editoreditor   April 21, 2012   6705   0   4   0   0   0

Our stylish hats for men and women

Celebs wearing flat caps and traditional English styling include Kellan Lutz and Brad Pitt while the girls wearing them as Stacey Ferguson are on the thinner side (so any who do get brave will stand out and look even better such as Fergie)
Us mere mortals albeit with style can get the look

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Personalised Ties for Men
Mens Fashion chrispchrisp   January 24, 2012   2790   0   1   0   0   0

Personalised ties for men are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Most men have ties that they can get off a rack in a store, but spending the money on custom ties is something that guys can do to get the most for their money when it comes to fashion.

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