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Jastek Aluminum Universal Laptop Stand
Product editoreditor   July 27, 2017   2533   2   4   0   0   0

Universal because you can sit any laptop on it but particulary matched to the brushed aluminum apple laptops like macbook pro or macbook air. The stand is good because it increase slightly the aount of desk space you have by having space under the laptop but for me I like that it lifts my laptop screen to very much the same level as my secondary monitor. If you are only using this laptop then combining this with a keyboard allows you to have a 'grown up' working setup. Higher monitor and separate keyboard feels much more relaxed. There are secondary benefits that allow a hot running laptop to get more circulation around it. So if your laptop runs hot then don't put anything under the stand.

You can find this here -

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Knomo Close Up
Product editoreditor   September 23, 2012   8870   4   8   0   0   1

I needed something to transport / protect my functional uber stylish and practical Macbook Air 13 inch. After cruising past the long queue for the iphone 5 release in westfield I found a few cases and sleeves. And the one I was looking for the Knomo 13 inch envelope. Its double the average cost of most offerings but will proabbly look good next year when these others are looking grubby at least I'm justifying the premium price tag of 64.99.

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macbook air unboxing part one.
Product editoreditor   September 20, 2012   4412   5   1   0   0   0

I will be contributing to this review as time permits. So far I am enjoying the rapid boot times given by SSD and am not feeling any heat issues. The screen seems to have been thought through in terms of the resolution as well, things dont appear too small. I couldn't decide if I needed the power of the i7 and probably will be using it at limited times for some video converting.

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3 results - showing 1 - 3

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