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Lavalier Microphone
Product editoreditor   May 03, 2018   2940   2   4   0   0   0

By Miracle Sound. The Lavalier Microphone clips on your lapel or top and plugs into your recording device or smartphone. You are then ready to provide and experience good quality audio for your audience. This is also for laptops and PC's.

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UAG Trooper white iphone 6 case presentation.
Product adminadmin   March 25, 2016   3470   3   5   0   0   0

More details coming up soon as I review the UAG Trooper for you readers and subscribers.

Good Points :

If you like chunky and in yer face this is your case.
It's a very stylish case.
It offers a lot of protection with a mixture of materials and honeycomb airspaces.
It's buttons are tactile and large so its easy to use.

Bad Points :

Of course the storage area does make this a chunky case.

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Close up of the case and screen protector
Product editoreditor   January 09, 2016   6778   9   10   0   0   0

This looks like a great combo purchase. The best transparent case and the best screen protector as rated on Amazon paired together seem to be the best combo buy you can make to protect your new iphone.

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Laser wood IPhone 4 covers
Product G Guest   December 03, 2010   4486   0   4   0   0   0

These are some real nice gifts you might get someone for Christmas or their birthday. Some more generic patterns or this designer lasered one.
They represent better value for money than the plastic out there which costs pennies to manufacture but these are real wood !

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I Phone 4 review and insert sim card
Product G Guest   June 29, 2010   3629   0   4   0   0   0

It isn't immediately obvious how to insert the sim card in the iphone 4. There is a tool provided take a look at the images to learn how.

Now onto the review of the iphone4.

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5 results - showing 1 - 5

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