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skullcandy xtfree bag
Product editoreditor   January 12, 2018   3502   5   6   0   0   0

If your a runner like me and struggle with earbuds falling out then consider these. They have a rubber wing which as you can see in the image helps to pressure the earbuds so they don't move. I have used them myself and can attest that it works! Hooray finally earbuds can be mine..

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excessive packaging
Product editoreditor   October 25, 2016   2500   1   6   0   0   0

Background :

My experience with Bluetooth headsets is zero. Does this make me a good reviewer ? I think so. I will come at this without prejudice and without knowing what this kind of device ought to be able to deliver. I am running an iphone 6 as the mobile I wanted to use this with.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2

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