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little life explorer s2 reviews
Product editoreditor   May 08, 2013   6778   2   4   0   0   0

NOTE: This product has been evolved since the initial review but it shows that people like it as it has made sales. I would advise to check it out on Amazon and see what people are saying about it.

Quick Stats: Weight 2.7kg, Colour:Grey Blue, Storage capacity 17 litres.

Our little one (lets call her S) is 2 months shy of 2 years and at just over 20 lbs not the biggest chunk. Still we shall keep the review live as we grow with our new utility purchase.
It’s a new experience pushing a pushchair round after a pram but as for an outdoors person like me I was getting frustrated by the off road limits imposed. Around the foothills of Ivinghoe Beacon enough was enough as another tree root got the better of the silver cross pushchair.


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Good finish overall
Product editoreditor   August 14, 2012   13695   0   7   0   0   0

We got this ordered to find that the drawer though shown was a two handed wooden tongue and groove not the metal draw glider shown. Apart from that gripe (no one handed action as its too stiff) this is a great looking cot bed among a sea of basic cots. It came with a mattress too. Bear in mind that most cots don't have this drawer it was extra value.

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Tips on Buying Children’s Beds
Product MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   May 21, 2012   2701   0   4   0   0   0

A long, long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, people gathered mud, stones, woods and other available materials to form a raised part of their house where they would lay down to sleep

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Baby Carriers - Backpacks Travel Systems
Product editoreditor   May 21, 2012   12367   0   2   0   0   0

It is a liberating feeling to be able to walk through the woods (watch babies head) or even go shopping ** with your baby securely and comfortably on your back. Some systems offer the baby to be resting on your chest this removes some risk and the extra security of you being able to have eyes on your baby. For example you can see when a wasp might be on your baby. These are the only negatives we can see to these systems.

**Backpacks make you much thicker and obviously baby makes you taller. It would be possible to put your babies head at risk in certain environments that you may forget. BEAR THIS CONSTANTLY IN MIND.

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Great Gifts for Mom and Baby!
Product MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   February 28, 2012   2260   0   4   0   0   0

When you’re shopping for a gift for a new baby and looking for a little something special for mom too, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of baby products and it can be hard to know what gifts to choose. Baby Boxes carries the perfect gifts for newborn baby.

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Things I wish I'd known before buying a baby monitor
Product MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   October 30, 2011   4308   2   0   0   0   0

Baby Monitors help parents relax while baby naps

Nap time for the baby rarely means downtime for the parents. Parents are just as much on call when their baby is taking a nap or going to bed for the night as they are when the baby is up and running around.

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The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder™
Product G Guest   September 14, 2011   10039   0   2   0   0   0

The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder™ is the first fixed soother holder that permanently attaches two dummies to the mattress of a cot. It is the answer to the problem many parents face when moving their baby from a Moses Basket to a cot - How to keep the dummy from getting lost inside the cot or completely falling out!

Click here to discover dummy clips on Amazon >>

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Set Review
Product editoreditor   March 18, 2011   7055   0   4   0   0   1

We thought this set was pretty neat, cute themal pouches hold milk or water hot or cold. We will post more as we discover how well it works in practise. There is a tool for cleaning the exterior and a special end for getting the hard to reach end inside ends of the teats.

As of today currently on offer at £69.99 from mothercare - please follow the link in red to support us. 

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Baby K Change Bag
Product editoreditor   March 18, 2011   16869   3   1   0   0   0

Editors note : Really not sure where you can find these for sale these days- check the amazon link above. It looks like stock is low we will keep you posted.

Alternative Designer Baby Change Bag from Shop Style Review our sister website.

baby change bag



This bag while not cheap is very nice to look at and has space to hold the essentials you will need on a jaunt around primrose hill and beyond. It can be purchased to go to the hospital before the arrival and will help you look good when you feel that you may not !

This bag still hasn't changed since launch and can be hard to get hold of.

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Mothercare Baby Support Pillow Review
Product editoreditor   March 14, 2011   6169   2   4   0   0   0

It may seem like rather a strange product but the pillow here is so versatile you would miss it in a second were you not to have it. It is nice in the way that it can take the form of the baby and be wedged in place so you have more control over feeding for example.

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Mothercare Spin Pram Review | Mothercare Orb
Product editoreditor   March 13, 2011   35596   2   10   0   0   1

The mothercare SPIN was replaced by the ORB! Not sure why they needed to change the name the spin actually seems better to us in the office but it looks near identical.

Mothercare Orb Instructions

Visit the mothercare orb pram and pushchair system on amazon.


Myself and girlfriend recently took a look at the mothercare spin pram. Well we went to check out all kinds of prams and stuff and this no doubt pushed gently by the salespeople in terms of its positioning by the shop. We liked it a lot and will post our review as soon as our baby is born and we get to use it. Initially though we got to test drive it in the store and this is our thoughts.

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Product G Guest   February 02, 2011   3551   0   0   0   0   0

I thought I was in The Hunt For Red October listening for submarines as I listened out for the heartbeat of my unborn son or daughter.
At this stage of the pregnancy it isn't really quick to find the heartbeat but the headphones come through and you can hear the sound of the placenta too.

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