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Sleigh Style Cot from Tutti Bambini 'Katie Sleigh'

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editor August 14, 2012
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Good finish overall
baby bedspread
cot to bed transition
Well Packed and went together well.
packaged safe and screws fixings separated for ease of construction.
Pre assembled slats 'lay' in place
Little one - no drawer shown


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We got this ordered to find that the drawer though shown was a two handed wooden tongue and groove not the metal draw glider shown. Apart from that gripe (no one handed action as its too stiff) this is a great looking cot bed among a sea of basic cots. It came with a mattress too. Bear in mind that most cots don't have this drawer it was extra value.

The drawer function is somewhat annoying yet we use it and the space is where our daughter has her clothes stored.

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The wooden draw needed both hands free to operate. That was the only negative thing about this cot bed. It served my daughter up to the point she decided she was too big for this kind of bed! So in the end it represented great value just not getting 5 stars. The draw let the cot down as it needed 2 hands to operate as it is wood on wood not a smooth rail. I can recommend this cot.

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