How to Choose Wallets for Men

Renowned actor Boman Irani said, “One can understand a person by the way he removes his wallet and puts his hand to take out money.” Truly, a wallet speaks volumes about a man’s attitude toward life and, of course, about his taste.

Choosing wallets for men requires careful thought. With so many choices available from almost every brand, you may get a little confused when choosing the right one. It is always a good idea to do your own research before you start shopping. Knowing about the common types would surely help.


Top 8 Types of Wallets for Men

There is a large variety of designs and styles. Broadly speaking, you will find the following eight types to choose from.

    Bifold: Also known as hipster, this type is very popular among men of almost all age groups. It can be folded and slipped into your pocket handily.

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Pete Leong Does Photography Tutorials

Pete Leong Does Photography Tutorials
Lucky to find Pete Leong - I love that the videos are not too long well explained and easy to understand so I simply had to provide a shelf for these videos for you to enjoy and come back to at a later time. How to shoot that magical waterfall. I did not expect that an ND4 filter would be used in this shot so the point is to try to get a slow shutt...
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Why 2016 may be a year in which you wear goggles !

Ps4 VR Gaming

Sony hopes to make the upcoming VR device a "sensation."

Atsushi Morita , 2015

Project Morpheus and titles like RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES might just
arrive in 2016. Not sure if it will be so affordable in the first home versions of virtual reality. The now official title is Play Station VR so watch for that but Morpheus might also stick I expect PSVR to be the defacto name.

Xbox (Microsoft) might be using the Oculus Rift or a version of it. The whole subject is causing a lot of interest and

It makes me think of many other applications of the concept such as a virtual reality holiday. 

PSVR will be a cost like a separate console again we are warned by Atsushi Morita the sony japan pres but he stressed it will be made as low as possible this is not intended to be an elite product.

What could you do with VR ?

Maybe you could spend an hour lying on an amazing beach watch beautiful people. Get too hot and you can actually enter the water. This raises the main issue that still has to be overcome from VR in that seeing can be believing but there are other senses and while VR is addressing the audio getting wounded in a body part where you are not looking – how will you know ? And if you enter the warm caribbean water shouldn't you feel the water ? So more tech is needed. I think it's on the cards for the future that a suit can offer a range of sensations. It starts to sound like a lot of effort and cost but maybe less than a holiday in Antigua ?

 Other arenas where you might be wearing goggles is fpv racing quads for example. It's where a camera is strapped to the front of a frame with 4 motors spaced equally (usually) spin props and control is made possible by the speed the motors are run. The pilot while seated races others in a course made that you fly through in reality but it shows inside your goggles. So your view is as if you were on the front of your craft. This is going to be a big exciting sport as prices are dropping and clubs popping up. It's good for the youth of today to have an outlet that offers more than just gaming or surfing the net. Quads or drones require many disciplines to be learned.
Some providers of FPV goggles are fatshark or flysight.

Final musings

So is 2016 going to be the year as the intro to VR in gaming the original application. I cant wait myself but what excites me more is the future as this is going to be a technology that requires more evolution to truly work. I would certainly like to put my brain to good use in the area.

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THE IDLE MAN Autumn Winter 2015 Lookbook

After the success of our spring/summer offering, we're really excited to finally unveil our own label's AW15 lookbook - further development and expansion of The Idle Man Collection. Featuring four real guys, all breaking their way into creative industries, our lookbook continues our ethos of #StyleMadeEasy and champions the normal guys out there wi...
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How to learn to run

How to learn to run
How does one start to learn to run as exercise if you have never done so before ? Just start running is one answer but you may find yourself hating it pretty quickly. So how can we learn to run so that we get fitter, faster and don't wreck our joints in the process. I have seen some people that are wrecking their bodies for sure. It may not be fun ...
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