Learning How to Be a Model: Just as Important As How to Become One

Learning How to Be a Model: Just as Important As How to Become One

You’ve seen all the great models. They have a look about them that just breathes and practically screams: I know how wonderful I am and I know how wonderful you think I am. Many young and aspiring models make the mistake early on of believing that this image translates to personality, poise, and general demeanour of a model at all times, in all places, and for all things. But when you’re learning to become a model and you want to land a job, it’s important to recognize that the industry is getting tougher in terms of competition and knowing the truth behind the photos, the scenes, and the paparazzi could make or break your career before it ever truly begins. Eventually, while trying to become a big time model, you’ll get your first shoot. This shoot may determine whether you are able to get more jobs in the future and continue working as a model. Some of the most important things to remember on the shoot are:

Never lie. Not about your measurements, your height, your weight, or anything else. Stylists prepare for your arrival in advance. If you say you’re a full dress size smaller than you actually are in order to land the gig, you’re going to be fired from the shoot and earn a bad reputation that could end your career without a single photo ever being snapped of you. Remember that you are not a supermodel, you have not earned your place in the industry, and that the people working with you are not working for you. The people you work with on your first shoots are the people who talk about you behind your back to other companies and photographers. What they say about you behind your back is entirely up to you. Don’t think you can show up whenever you want. There’s no such thing as being fashionably late. Being late is unprofessional and rude. This goes for your interview to get hired at an agency and all modelling gigs you have. Remember to keep your relationships professional but still develop relationships. Don’t date your photographers. But always be networking so you can reach out for help, mentoring, and jobs when you are looking to branch out. Photographers are the gateway to success. But don’t forget their assistants and the other people roaming around the shoot, too. Invaluable resources are everywhere you turn. Don’t forget that it’s a real job. As with all jobs, your attitude, work ethic, abilities, and continued progression determine how far you will get in the modelling industry, whether you will get other jobs, and whether you might get fired. Keep it together, mentally and in terms of organization. You have to know your schedule so you can accept gigs, even at the last minute.

Remember, becoming a model is a real job like any other, with ups and downs, and you’ve got to know how to work it!

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Consumer Initiative with Weed T-Shirts

T-shirts are familiar to people across the world and are worn for a range of occasions. Some people prefer to wear them only for specific occasions such as birthdays, concerts, holidays, and parties. Conversely, other people prefer to wear them regularly and incorporate them into their everyday personal style. For fabric companies, selling printed T-shirts is extremely lucrative and brings in significant revenues. T-shirts are popular across a diverse range of age groups because of the comfort and style they offer. Of course, as T-shirts are available in different colors, sizes, and designs their multipurpose nature cannot be overlooked.

Generally, the popularity of wearing T-shirts is somewhat greater among young people as compared to older people. When certain colors like pink, yellow, orange, etc., are worn it is almost certain that the culprit is a young person, as older people generally prefer more generic colors. Although, all else being equal, when it comes to gender, boys and girls both enjoy the style, elegance, and comfort in wearing these colors. When T-shirts carry impressive art designs, they are coveted for their ability to bring about good social interactions. The designs are infinite. For instance there are graphical designs printed on T-shirts which are intended to conform to a punk and freak look. There are also religious idols representing one’s beliefs. Finally certain designs are simply intended to make a statement about one’s tastes and preferences. Thus, it is the job of T-shirt printing companies to produce creative art designs by understanding what the target consumers are really looking for.

As mentioned previously, T-shirts are available in various sizes. Small, medium, large, and extra large are the industry standard, though T-shirt sizes in the global market may vary slightly. Depending upon one’s style, round neck, flat and v-shaped collared and collar-less T-shirt designs are available. With the ease of the internet, anyone can logon to the most reputed and reliable online dealers; these are shops that are frequented by thousands of buyers each day. There is theme specific T-shirts which illustrate burning issues in a way that makes people consider them from the designer’s perspective. Weed T-shirts are primarily worn by those who enjoy the Marijuana culture; though some just wear them because they enjoy the different designs printed on them. As the previous example illustrates, theme T-shirts speak about various cultures and issues in a way that spoken words simply could not accomplish. Hence, wearing weed t-shirts illustrates one’s interest in weed.

As a marketing strategy, t-shirts are often launched online by companies seeking to capitalize on trending topics, especially those that have become popularized on social networks such as Twitter. Companies are aware that once consumers discover that T-shirts are more comfortable than formal wear, consumers will purchase more of them and this in turn will boost sales. Usually, Weed T-shirts and shirts are sold seasonally or as part of some sort of special promotion. A good selling strategy is one that caters to the mindset of potential consumers. Offers and discounts are always words that consumers enjoy hearing, and sellers should keep this in mind. Selling these products at an attractive discount will bring in much needed popularity. Weed T-shirts and other accessories can get a good boost in sales if they are sold through exclusive discounts.

Funny T-shirts are also a potential market that is targeted frequently by producers. This is partly due to the fact that producers have found generous sales from controversial themes. However, depending upon the consumer tastes and preferences, these costumes may not always succeed. Although, Weed T-shirts are a popular theme that seems to be selling very well. These shirts contain tongue in cheek slogans and sayings that only those familiar with the Marijuana culture can understand. These shirts are extremely popular on college campuses as well as nightclubs and bars. In short, they are normally prevalent in places where people express their attitudes and opinions freely.

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Top Snap Back Caps on a Budget

Snapback caps are the new trend, and anyone who’s anyone is wearing one. There are so many choices, colours, designs, styles it’s a mind field when you are going to choose your first one. They can get very expensive too, but you don’t need to pay over the odds for a fantastic snapback cap which screams streetwear style!

Here are the top 5 choices of snapback caps on a budget;1. Durkl Backroad Cord Snapback hat

The Durkl Back Road hat is a snapback style cap set in a red corduroy material. It features a nice leather patch on the front with the Durkl logo on it. The bright colour is a great focus point for a snapback hat. We love it!

2. And Still x For All To Envy Vintage Anaheim Mighty Ducks


Back in the day Mighty Ducks was every kid’s favourite film, so this snap back could be one of the coolest caps around.

3. HUF Clothing Classic H Wool Starter Snapback

HUF Clothing is the brainchild of pro skater Keith Hufnagel. You know you are getting the best when buying from HUF. HUF is a strong skateboarding influenced brand with some nice streetwear touches, such as the simple but effective H embossed at the front. Fine a selection of HUF Snapback caps at iConsume.

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The perfect summer picnic locations

When it comes to picnics people tend to talk about them to put them off as it can seem more hassle than its worth. All the preparations, deciding where to go, driving there can all seen daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be an exciting and fun activity for the whole family, and one which every member can participate in, the perfect summer get together.

With miles of beautiful countryside to choose from around the UK, we have dwindled them down to the top 3 places to visit for your family picnic. For those whose picnic preparation isn’t quite up to scratch, there are also plenty of ways to make it extra-special with the delicious seasonal food on offer at the many cafés and shops which surrounds some of these beautiful areas.

Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall.

Set in a steep gorge, this place demonstrates the power of water and its impact on industry. Our film 'Reflections on Tin' traces its 400-year history, from 1584, including a visit by the famous artist JMW Turner. An early water-powered tin works was the last industry here. Today the waters of the River Dulais are used to make Aberdulais Falls self-sufficient in environmentally friendly energy. It has the largest electricity-generating waterwheel in Europe. Lifts enable you to access the cinema and the upper levels for excellent views of the falls.

High Force Waterfall.

Discover the force of nature at High Force, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in England, located at Forest-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham. Raby Castle is situated 20 miles further east at Staindrop. High Force will be operating Summer opening hours daily from 25th March onwards. The walk to the waterfall, the car park, and all visitor facilities such as the shop and toilets will be open. Car parking charges and admissions to the waterfall walk will apply, see below for details.

Mottisfont Abbey.

Ancient trees, bubbling brooks and rolling lawns frame this lovely old house. Crafted from a medieval priory, it is full of surprises, with art that intrigues and delights. Come back throughout the year to see different exhibitions in the gallery and the latest installations by our artists in residence. Carpets of spring bulbs, a stunning walled rose garden, rich autumn leaves and a colourful winter garden make Mottisfont a feast for the senses all year round.

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Floral - The Fashion Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Floral - The Fashion Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Have you noticed how some fashion ‘trends’ never actually go out of style? The little black dress, the denim jacket and the skinny jean are all good examples – whilst one of the biggest style statements that remains timeless is the floral pattern print. For those who enjoy a girly-girl approach to fashion, the floral print is a go-to in every season; with casual t-shirts, fitted cotton blazers and glamorous going out dresses all available with flowery embellishment.

Perhaps it’s the versatility of the floral print? With thousands of real-life plants to take inspiration from there’s really no end to how a flower pattern can appear. Beautiful floral prints will do as well to take ideas from dainty daisies as they will from bold sunflowers or wispy wild flowers. Ditsy patterns are often chosen for a formal setting, decorating office wear and elegant blouses. Whilst big brash floral patterns are great for statement bodycons or bright canvas tote bags.

Floral is one of those fashion features that can instantly make any woman feel feminine. Even if you take little interest in wildlife, there’s something refreshing and elegant about showcasing nature’s own beauty. Floral prints allow for a mix of colours – from pretty pastels to moody taupe shades. There’s no need for a floral pattern to reflect life-like plant shadings.

Jewellery continues to be inspired by florals too. Head to the accessorise section of any department store and you are sure to find elegant rose stud earrings and flower shape pendants. Shoe designs also favour floral inspiration; from quirky flower covered heels to petal embellished ballet pumps.

The history of floral in fashion stems (pardon the pun) way back to the Egyptian period. Real flowers were used in garlands and wreaths or worn as a single flower or leaf. The Greeks also used flowers for adornment and in the Roman Period floral inspiration was worked into royal crowns.

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