The Rise Of Sports Luxe

There was once a time when luxury sportswear didn't exist and being seen in a pair of joggers was associated with the youths of today's generation. However, since then designer brands have fallen in line with the luxury sportswear styling, basing a styles and individual pieces to the incredibly popular trend. Brands themselves have been designed fr...
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My Antigua Scratchpad

My Antigua Scratchpad

So a work in progress...this is my interesting and stylish look at the isla of Antigua in the Caribbean.

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6 Singers Who Can Do Multiple Vocal Impressions

It takes a special brand of talent to be able to imitate other people’s singing voices. Voices are technically unique, but like faces, they are not all that inimitable. With expert vocal coaching, you can certainly channel your favourite singers in performance.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. In that case, these following singers (and character actors) are the best flatterers ever:

Christina Aguilera


We can recognise Christina Aguilera’s voice from miles away. After all, she’s a vocal colossus who has been singing for meals for the better part of her life. Imagine our astonishment then when she launched into an on-point impression of her archrival Britney Spears at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who promptly gave her a standing ovation. Was it ‘shade,’ or innocent send-up of a friend? You decide. (P.S. The Voice judge threw in some Cher and Shakira impressions for good measure.)

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Top 10 faux Pas by Celebs

You love them, adore their artistic work or contribution to society but celebrities can at times disappoint in terms of fashion. This is quite ironic because in the fashion world they serve as trend setters.  However if you are keen, especially in the best jewellery trends, you must have seen some eerie styles by celebrities that cannot just go unnoticed.

They say that to become the best you must learn from the best but in this case you can learn from the worst mistakes made by these public figures. Before you buy online diamond jewellery, take a lesson from these celebs on how ‘not to wear it’ to any event:

Accessory overload: Unless you are Johnny Depp in the pirates of Caribbean, avoid excessive jewellery. This is what Lady Gaga offers on the fashion red carpet and before you go ahead and copy it, consider that she gets away with even a meat dress. So just wear what is reasonable and leave the rest at home, after all there is a tomorrow. If you are not Mr. T, please do not overdo it.The signet ring: You must have come across multiple of these in online jewellery stores. Now unless you are Prince Charles (and he rightfully wears one) do not wear a signet. Of course if you are royalty go ahead and have your family crest engraved on it.Over beaded necklace: It was probably a good idea for Sarah Jessica Park to wear Carrie Bradshaw' but the beaded necklace is not really the way to go. It really gives you a 90s look in the 21st century.The J-Lo engagement ring: It might have cost $3 million but it was really wrong for J-Lo to wear that ring after the cancellation of the engagement. It really shows desperation, why not wear something else?Zarah Philip’s tongue stud: What would the queen’s granddaughter have been thinking while piercing her tongue? You must be wondering this but it is true and you can see why she is not the most popular royal.Angelina Jolie’s blood necklace: It makes sense to commit yourself to a relationship but is wearing a diamond chain with your husband’s blood vial really necessary? What if the relationship goes south? Mind you, it did!Ugly Pat Butcher’s earrings: You must have seen this combination of earrings on her ears. Probably calling them trinity rings would be much kinder.Multi coloured hair: Unless you are Nick Minaj or Miley Cyrus, avoid this bubble gum look that makes you look like a kindergarten denizen.Lily Allen Christmas decoration: You definitely love her but wearing a dress top with all those Christmas-like frills as accessories is going to change your opinion of her.Nick Minaj’s sweet ice cream cone necklace: By now you know this is one character whose fashion sense should not inspire you.  This necklace was to say the least just forgettable.

There are many more crazy jewellery celebrities out there who get it wrong every time.  The rule of thumb is to never copy just because of the hype, after all hype can both be negative or positive.


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How Do Celebrities Deal With Hair Loss?

Often it has been seen that good-looking men are very conscious of their hair line. If you belong to this category and are losing hair, don’t worry, you are not alone! There’s nothing to feel ashamed of, as it is not a sign of aging. Most men lose their hair in their late 20s and early 30s, not because they are growing old, but because of many other factors related to hormones, stress, lack of growth and so on. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, but take advantage of new technology to revive your looks.

There’s a growing list of celebrities who have had recently got hair transplant. Since looking good is their prime job, they chose this method to maintain it. Even though, they are not open about their hair transplant experience, the pictures shows it all! Let’s take a look at a number of high-profile celebrities who got hair transplant and now walk confidently in the public.

Matthew McConaughey

Image source baldtruthtalk.com

Once voted the sexiest man alive, the heartthrob of the country is best known for going shirtless in public showing off his sexy body. But the personality couldn’t do much in nature’s department. He is one of those celebrities to get hair transplant who have been quite open about their experience. He looked quite comfortable with hair replacement as his main focus was to keep looking best for his audience.

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