Ten Things you Don't Need to Buy for Your Newborn

During your pregnancy you are bombarded by products that your friends and the marketeers tell you, you simply must have, this is a quick way to empty your bank account.  Now listen up, you may not believe me, it doesn't have to be that way.  Newborns are tiny and helpless and yes you will need a few bit's and bob's, but you also you won't NEED alot of stuff too.  

I'm sure there are a ton of items other mum's can tell you, you won't need either, but here are mine.


1. Bottle Warmer  - If you're using formula to feed your little one, you really don't need this useless piece of equipment.  They are actually really slow at heating up, your kettle will boil quicker.  Having said that if you are following the advise on the formula tin, you really shouldn't be pre- making it anyway, so in fact you will be cooling it down, not heating it up!

2. A Bumbo - I have to admit, I did fall foul to these cleverly marketed seats and had a relative buy us one as a Christmas present.  We only ended up putting S into it a few times as she kept falling over to one side and nearly out of it.  if you need somewhere to park your baby while you nip out of the room, then putting them in their pram or in a bouncer is safer in my opinion.

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Toddler Clothes Holiday Packing Made Easy

Packing clothes for your toddler to take on your summer holiday can be a bit tricky if you don't plan ahead.  There's so much to think about it can be mind boggling. Especially as most chartered airlines do not allow any baggage allowance for a child under two, as essentially you don't need to pay for a seat for them, so we end up packing their clothes, nappies, etc between your adult allowance, hoping not to end up paying for extra baggage.

We've been lucky enough to travel to some lovely destinations with our toddler now 22 months in the last year and a bit, and I've learnt a little about what to take and what not to.

Essentially if you're going to a hot country the clothes you take shouldn't be too bulky.  As I have a little girl, she tends to spend all day in either a 3/4 length sun suits and a hat, as her skin is very sensitive to the sun, but after a few days I will put swimsuit's on her too.  I've always been a bit fan of Next, and much to my partner's horror, I tend to buy out their collections every so often.  And there Summer offering this year will be no exception. 

Even though we have a little one we still go to either the hotel restaurant or somewhere local to eat with her, so dress her in alot of light cotton dresses, or vests with matching shorts that are easily folded down quite economically, and look lovely.

If your todder is walking like mine, I feel it is really important to have something on their delicate feet on the beach.  Even if you are on a sandy beach, they can still have alot of stones, or god forbid broken glass or some other hazzard. They still want to splash around in the water and you don't want to take shoes on and off everytime they are in and out. So I find the the ideal sandals are of the 'jelly' variety.  The little plastic shoes that have been around for decades. Indeed I wore them when I was little too, and that was a very long time ago!  These Peppa Pig ones (my toddler is obssessed with her), also from the illustrius Next are perfect and only £7!

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How to Build Confidence in the Pool

With the summer season just around the corner, many of you will be starting to plan your summer holidays away with your family. With six long weeks to keep your children entertained whilst the school doors close for the summer holidays, the perfect way to spend it is to go on a trip with your beloved family. Whether you decide to stay in England at a holiday park or travel abroad for some warm summer sun, you can travel whatever your budget.



Image Source - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/wellbeing/7973491/How-to-swim.html

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Spring Style – Kids Fashion

When it comes to the warmer weather, many of us will be updating our wardrobes with new spring styles. Less layers and more colour means we can have a little more fun with our fashion, particularly the youngsters. Children’s clothing styles at this time of the year are more than likely going to be cute, adorable, colourful, fun and on trend.


The latest collection of kids clothing sees many brand names creating stylish spring pieces. Whether you have a little girl who loves to wear skirts and dresses, or perhaps you have a little boy who enjoys colourful t shirts and baggy jeans? Whatever your kid’s look may be, there is sure to be something suitable for them in the recent spring clothing collections.


If you need some style inspiration for your little one, take a look at our outfit ideas for kids here.

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Vintage collective stuffed toys: how to clean and sell them

Vintage collective stuffed toys: how to clean and sell them

 If you have a collection of vintage stuffed toys, then you can sell them off at great prices. At present, several people love to invest in these toys. All you need to do is to advertise in the right medium to get great deals. Read further as how you can sell your vintage stuffed toys:

Create an account in any online auction website. Here, you can get several bidders for your vintage collectible stuffed toys.

Go to a local toys tipperary shop. Here, the shop owner will sell your toy on your behalf. You will have to pay commission to the shopkeeper.

Post advertisement of your vintage stuffed toys in the local newspaper classified section.

In case you want to sell vintage stuffed toys on a regular basis, hiring a store at a mall is a great idea.

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