Mens Fashion this year 2012 what I would like more of...

Mens Fashion this year 2012 what I would like more of... Hot

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The colours that graced the walks last year should come into the high street this year. We are already seeing examples of mustard chinos green shirts and bolder blues. If you don't have much of a clue then beware. As bold as this year can get you could find yourself getting 'brave' and end up on the wrong side of the fashion police. So if you are unsure take an example of a manikin (dress up dummy) in and around your high street stores and see how they are mixing these colours.

The Blouson Jacket will feature this year but I hope we get serious about trousers. As a 30 something guy (just) I still want to be wearing something that says I care.But I can't bring myself to wear most of last years jeans in the high street - they were heavy with too much pockets and artefacts for my taste. I like my trousers light. I was happy that chinos came back and hope this strengthens a bit - we need really to drag guys away from jeans. I love the Spanish fashion for men and I just wish I had more opportunity to get there and shop. I think its much more original than Italian design who rely on sometimes boldness without innovation. Sadly I feel the uk lacks behind probably due to the demand and lack of originality in the average man.

I also want to take this moment to mention comfort the skinny jeans and low riding styles are not the most comfortable to wear but looking good needs to come first.

I am big on sunglasses and find myself collecting more and more. Some that say eff off I can wear these, some that say today I want to hide and other days I want to blend in with the trends and be somewhat normal. Unfortunately a red pair broke when I tried to straighten them after bag abuse. My glasses get abused and sometimes need to be straightened out in this particular case my Iron Man strawberry red pair of aviators died. I got some good use out of them.

Watch this space for more ramblings and pics from the high street.

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